Good morning to you all!

That's it, after almost 3 months of waiting, we can gradually resume our activity.

We have taken the health measures advocated by the Federation and the Ministry. In spite of all these constraints, we are counting on you to apply them but also to remain vigilant both in the fall, under canopy and on landing by respecting all the safety rules which were transmitted to you during your training and then during the revisions.

RECOVERY PLAN : see the home page of our website


Stock of masks, disinfectants and hydro-alcoholic gels, temperature measurement of the frame as soon as they arrive.

At the administrative level : please do what is necessary to take your license, membership fee and credit your jump account before coming (everything is on the site section " Practitioners ") and send your licence request by email to


We privilege the reception outside near the chalet.
Observe the marking on the floor and on the counter for distancing (counter, cb, pens etc. will be disinfected several times a day).

As soon as you arrive:

Washing your hands (water in the 1erafolding room or gel).
Fill out the attendance register, including for accompanying persons and visitors.
Wear the mask if distancing is not possible (bring your mask).
The entrance will be through the door on the fence side.
The door of the 2th folding room will be reserved for going out.
The door of the 3th folding room will be condemned.

Before flying you must have completed and signed the HEALTH CHARTER.
Download link : If not filled = no jump.

The kitchen: it is reserved for coaching. It will be disinfected twice a day.
Microwave and fridge doomed: plan your picnic!
Toilets: disinfected 3 times a day.

Remember to keep your distance, if there are people waiting.

Children's play area: condemned
Sports hall & trampoline: convicts
Model airplane: doomed
TV space & debriefing: condemned

Posters and Roll-ups will be put up inside and outside to remind you of the right gestures!


Parachute rental :
A parachute must be assigned for the day to one person, reservation is required by phone 06 13 09 61 56 in order to put it aside for you. You agree to make a minimum of 3 jumps during the day.

IMPORTANT: payment of the jumps by bank transfer before the D-day: allow for the transfer time.

Due to the COVID sanitary measures imposed on us, the jumps will increase by 3 € (whatever the height) from June 21st .
The annual fee will be 30 € instead of 45 €.
Always in the case of the Covid, the last folding will be done obligatorily by the center folder. Add 6 €.

The reason: in the protocol approved by the ministry, it is mentioned that if the student folds his last pack, the parachute will have to be stored in a room for 48 hours, whereas if he is a packer, he can be reassigned the next day.

NO BAG RESERVATION = risk of coming for nothing, because nothing is available anymore

People with their own equipment can come without booking but will have to have a theoretical revision (unless already skipped in 2020) whatever the level or make an appointment to do it (rdv 8h30 or 13h30 week or week-end).

Combinations :
Ready only up to A patent. For those who don't have one, bring suitable clothing for the fall!
The suits will be washed every evening at 60°.
Altis-helmets can be lent. They will also be assigned for the day and will be disinfected when you leave. Helmets will be disinfected every night.
A little reminder: normally the altis are loaned up to the A patent: think about investing!

Glasses: no loan.

Don't leave your stuff lying around, use the free lockers, we can also provide you with a crate.


Wash hands before and after folding.
Folding spaces are marked with tape, please fold as soon as you return from the jump (coffee and debriefing after folding to leave room for the others).
If no space: wait, and do not use the space reserved for professional folders.
Only owners of parachutes can fold outside on a tarpaulin (near the accommodation).

Aircraft manufacturing

The mode remains unchanged, it will be done outside near the chalet without forgetting the distancing.


Wash your hands before boarding the plane. Gel will be available near the gate.
The audits will be done visually, and if we have to intervene, the auditor will wear gloves.

On the plane

No one near the pilot.
Wearing of the mask MANDATORY up to 3500m. FORBIDDEN when falling.
We talk to each other if it's really necessary, no check-ups, handshakes etc.
Non-hanging output and no falling contact.
On the ground, ditto, no check.

The minibus

Person next to the driver (only 2 people in front).
Wearing the mask is recommended.
The minibus will be disinfected twice a day.


As soon as you arrive, wash your hands.
Fill in the attendance register (including for accompanying persons).
Respect the distance, otherwise wear a mask.
Limited to 2 accompanying persons per tandem.
Accompanying persons will stay outside as much as possible.
Mask on the plane up to 3500m. Not allowed in a fall.
On landing, the mask must be put back on if distance is not possible.
And you don't forget after the euphoria of the jump: no checks, kisses, handshakes...
Fill in the Covid certificate, if you did not fill it in on the internet before coming.

And after reading all of this, you'll understand...

  • That you will refrain from coming if you have the symptoms of VIDOC.
  • Please let us know in case of suspicion of COVID, in order to warn people who might have been in contact with you .
  • That a temporary exclusion, without notice or warning, could be pronounced if these measures are not complied with.
  • The rules of the COVID do not and must not make us forget the rules of our sport: truthfulness, pds, separation, vigilance under veil ect.



Good season to all, certainly a little short this year. Enjoy and stay safe. 


Exceptionally closing date Saturday 5th December at night!


Chambéry Airport - 73420 Le Viviers-du-Lac - 06 13 09 61 56

Savoie Parachutisme, established since 1954, is the only skydiving school in Savoie, approved by the French Parachuting Federation and by Jeunesse et Sports.


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Chambéry Airport - 73420 Le Viviers-du-Lac - 06 13 09 61 56

Savoie Parachutisme, established since 1954, is the only skydiving school in Savoie, approved by the French Parachuting Federation and by Jeunesse et Sports.