The economical solution

  • Valid from Monday to Friday
  • Excluding public holidays



Weekends and weekday public holidays

  • 265 € in WE per person (5 to 9 jumpers)
  • 255 € in WE per pers. (10 jumpers and +)



Personalized video tracking

  • A professional videoman films you
  • You leave with the images on a USB key provided by us

Payments accepted on site :

Tandem jumping Lac du Bourget with instructor Yan Cave


Almost anyone can jump! Three conditions, though:


Max. permissible weight for tandem passenger
Bare weight


Minimum age to ride a tandem
Parental authorization for minors


Medical certificate issued by a general practitioner
Valid for 1 year



To make an appointment, call us between 8am and 7pm on 06 13 09 61 56. Take care to book well in advance, especially from June to September. If you have a gift voucher, please specify the voucher number.

Important :
We will give you a time of arrival on site, not a take-off time. Our activity is dependent on weather and air traffic related factors. Allow two to three hours to complete your jump.

Go to your doctor, accompanied by the medical certificate to download above. However, a certificate on plain paper is also suitable. It must stipulate that you are "suitable for tandem skydiving"...Please note that the mention "Suitable for all sports" is not valid. This medical examination must stipulate that you have no contraindications to the practice of any sport. TANDEM jump as part of the sport parachuting.



The tandem parachute activity is accessible to disabled people in our center. However, it is necessary to obtain the agreement of the instructor trained for this: Julien Favier. The best is to call him beforehand at 07 83 86 24 54 to discuss it.

Exit pilatus above the Bourget lake at 4000m


Tandem skydiving is the easiest and most accessible way to discover the sensations of freefall. This jump does not require any particular technical skills as the instructor takes care of everything!

Here are some often impressive figures and the course of a typical day below.



It is the duration of the training in order to acquire the right gestures in the plane, in a fall, under canopy and on landing.



The climb up to the drop-off point, located 4000 meters above the airport, takes 15 minutes during which you enjoy the landscape: lakes, mountains etc...



This is the speed you reach after 5 to 7 seconds of freefall.



This is the duration of the freefall jump, i.e. at a stabilized speed of 200 km/h. The sensations are extreme!



This is the altitude at which the instructor opens the main parachute. Everything goes smoothly...



This is the average length of flight with the parachute open, before landing, you can take control of the canopy and orient yourself.


Tandem freefall presents statistically much less risk than any other thrill sport.

Since the creation of this discipline in the 1980s, there have been no fatal accidents in France for hundreds of thousands of jumps performed.

This is due to the draconian safety rules imposed by the Civil Aviation and the French Parachuting Federation.

The equipment is certified and checked periodically. The instructor has two parachutes, one of which is a reserve parachute that can open by itself below a certain altitude, thanks to a mandatory automatic release system.

The qualification required to become a tandem instructor in France is the most difficult to obtain in the world.


Don't forget to call before you take the road, to make sure of the weather conditions. Come with your good mood and a bit of patience. We depend on elements that we don't master like the weather, the airspace... Forgotten your medical check-up? No jumps... Little tip: take your medical certificate in picture on your smartphone, it will save you in case you forget!
Allow a good 3 hours between your arrival at the airport and the time you leave. Skydiving is a weather-dependent activity. Without visibility from the plane to the ground it is impossible to jump. The wind is also a limiting factor. Free fall and patience are inseparable...

Here is a normal chronology, a day of perfect weather, example of an appointment taken on the phone for 14H00.

14H00: Welcome at the airfield

The time you are given when you make your appointment is the time you are due at the airport.

14H00-14H15: A bit of paperwork

The Savoie Parachuting staff will ask you to fill in a "jumping" form and pay either the balance due or the video option you wish to take.

14H15-14H45: Ground training

A qualified instructor explains the correct position to exit the aircraft, then the position to hold in the fall, and shows you in detail how the main parachute, the reserve and the safety release work.

14H45-15H00 : Preparation - Aircraft waiting

The instructor reminds you of the instructions and equips you with your harness. He makes you try on your glasses. You do not wear a helmet, in order to better enjoy the environment, have more sensations and incidentally look better on the pictures. The instructor explains how the "open parachute" phase goes and how you can, if you wish, pilot the parachute yourself. The plane presents itself for boarding, sometimes after a useful break to refill the kerosene tank.

15H00-15H10: Embarkation in our Pilatus

You are guided and seated in the right place in the plane by the instructor. The number of people on the plane varies from plane to plane, but it is often around 10 people plus the pilot. You will be a little tight and that's normal.

15H10-15H25: Ascension

The plane takes off quickly, then takes about 15 minutes to reach an altitude of 4000 m. The instructor shows you the surroundings before you hang on to 3000 m. All along the climb you enjoy the view of the Lac du Bourget, Annecy and even Lake Geneva. The Mont Blanc is also visible in the distance. The view is splendid, the 15 minutes go by too fast!

15H25-15H30: Drop at 4000 meters high (4000 m above the starting point)

The plane is placed on the drop axis, the pilot says "OK" and the instructor opens the door of the plane. It's time to make the big jump! You jump either first, in the middle of other practitioners or good last.

Seeing others jump into the void before yourself is a great experience too!

15H30-15H31: Free fall

The initial acceleration is one of the best moments of the fall, so don't close your eyes. It will only take you 5 to 7 seconds in tandem to reach 200 km/h. At this moment the instructor opens the retarder, a sort of mini parachute that keeps you at a constant speed of 200 km/h during the fall. The instructor performs flat rotations to let you enjoy the scenery. The fall lasts about 50 seconds. It's very, very intense! If you have chosen the video option, a professional videoman will film you throughout the jump by placing himself in front of you and making movements.

15H31-15H35: Under canopy (open parachute)

At 1500 meters above the landing point, the instructor opens his main canopy, the shock is not violent because the opening is 200 to 400 meters long. You glide over the air very slowly. The descent to the landing point takes 5 to 8 minutes depending on whether you fly calmly or make more radical turns. The instructor lets you take control of the parachute and you make a few turns yourself. The view over the Lac du Bourget is magnificent.

15H35 : Landing

The tandem canopies are sized so that the landing is as smooth as possible. Depending on your physical shape or size there are several landing techniques: either you raise your knees and the instructor takes care of everything, or he asks you to run a little to stay upright. Slipping on your buttocks is also possible if the conditions require it. It always happens smoothly... Your friends or family can come to this place to watch your landing.

15H35 -16H00 : Debriefing - Sharing

Once landed, the instructor unhooks from you and you share your emotions and sensations. Once you have recovered from these moments of intense emotion, you can return to the skydiving club to get your USB key with the video sequences and you will probably continue to talk about your fall and the sensations you experienced with friends or other instructors on site. Observing the techniques of packing the parachute is also a highlight, as this packing is very complex, especially in the case of a tandem parachute.


The landing area is located on the other side of the airport (5km).

Aircraft Climb Time : Fifteen minutes.
Color of veil : to ask the monitor just before boarding.
When to leave? After the plane takes off.

How do you get to the landing zone?
1 - Leaving the airport, turn right in the direction of "CHAMBERY".
2 - Take exit n°11, then follow the signs "BOURGET DU LAC / SAVOIE TECHNOLAC".
3 - After the industrial zone, turn right onto the tarmac road at the 2nd sign "PARACHUTISM / LANDING ZONE".

Park your car in front of the wooden barrier and then join the windsock by staying on the gravel path. The safety of the parachutists and your own safety is at stake.

Access map to the Savoie skydiving landing zone


By choosing the video option, you can immortalize this incredible experience. A professional videoman will accompany you throughout this adventure. He will film your preparations, boarding, part of the climb and of course the entire jump. He will be positioned in front of you at the door of the plane, as well as during the 50 seconds of free fall. He will also be at your side during the landing and will film your first reactions on the ground. The images are in 1080p, i.e. Full HD and are given to you on a nice USB key stamped Savoie Parachuting.




Video d'a tandem parachute from Savoie Parachuting


We open from the beginning of April, continuously until mid-November, click on the calendar for the exact dates.


The gift vouchers are valid for two jumping seasons. Specifically:

1 - If you buy your gift voucher between April (opening date of the centre) and mid-November (closing date of the centre), its validity date is the day of purchase + 2 years.

2 - If you buy it between mid-November and the end of December, its validity date will be mid-November + 2 years.

3 - If you buy it between the first of January and the beginning of April, its validity date will be mid-November + 1 year.

Promotional" gift vouchers, for example Christmas vouchers, have a shorter validity period, i.e. one jump season.

Sorry, but under no circumstances do we extend gift vouchers that are valid for two jumping seasons.

The time you are given is the appointment time and from that time on, you count between 2 and 2.5 hours on site.

No worries, we take again an appointment (attention different rates week and weekend).

We refund the difference between the weekend and weekly price.

You will have to pay the difference between the week and weekend price.

Don't worry, you'll get goggles that fit.

No, except in exceptional cases and you must notify us 1 month before the end of the voucher's validity.

3 tandems max. with or without video, but in no case they jump at the same time. Each release is at least 15 seconds apart.

It's a speed bump that prevents you from exceeding 200 km/h. Indeed, with two people, the speed could quickly reach 300 km/h otherwise!

No, it's forbidden by our federation and our insurance policy.

No, technically we can't follow two people falling at the same time.

Trousers, tight sweater and low sneakers. So nice weather to know at least 20 ° on the ground, possibility of shorts and tee-shirt. In general it is 10 to 15 ° less at 4000 meters, but you won't even feel the difference, so much your attention is focused on the jump itself 🙂

No jump is possible unless you manage to send it to us by email or SMS but in this case if we are late in receiving it, we can no longer guarantee the time of the jump.

Yes, if they're kept on a leash.

They can attend the ground training (if there are not too many of them), the boarding and of course the landing. The picnic is of course possible on the spot.


Chambéry Airport - 73420 Le Viviers-du-Lac - 06 13 09 61 56

Savoie Parachutisme, established since 1954, is the only skydiving school in Savoie, approved by the French Parachuting Federation and by Jeunesse et Sports.


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Chambéry Airport - 73420 Le Viviers-du-Lac - 06 13 09 61 56

Savoie Parachutisme, established since 1954, is the only skydiving school in Savoie, approved by the French Parachuting Federation and by Jeunesse et Sports.